The Company


Hi. Nice to see you.

We are Nufolder, an integrated creative house. Our job is to provide you with creative and innovative digital solutions for any media platform and business purposes.

We could give you ten or twenty, but here are the three (3) main reasons why you need not look any further:

One, we ensure creativity and quality. Every individual in our small yet powerful team has a keen eye for design and a strong skill with proven track records in digital work. In our own word, we call it a “heart-tech design” because everything that we create comes from the heart.

Two, our solution is simple yet feasible. At Nufolder, we work efficiently and move lightly. We focus on creating innovative designs that provide the best user experience possible.

Three, we are conveniently accessible. Whether you are a corporate with a giant project or an individual looking for a professional help for your upcoming presentation, our door is always open for you. Visit us, call us, e-mail us, or re-tweet us anytime you please and you are always welcome.

  • consultation

    We meet, talk and listen to our clients before we can analyze their needs and goals.

  • creative development

    We explore all kinds of ideas and think the unthinkable strategy that might work for the brand or the company.

  • technical development

    We come up with the best solution possible utilizing the latest yet relevant technology that enable our clients meet their needs and reach their goals.