My name is Vita Siregar and I am a follower of mayo diet. I am a lawyer with extremely long working hours. I had bad eating habits, I never took note of what food I consume, I just need to be full and it has to be fast!

How I Gained 9 kgs

I did not realize since I am now 31, my body cycle is not as cooperative as when I was younger, despite how much exercise I did (I am a regular yoga practitioner), it would not balance if i do not eat well. My weight was going up gradually as HIGH and as FAST as a 747 taking off (for those bikram yoga lovers you would understand what I mean).

I gained 9 Kgs within 1 year. One confession, I do not mind a little meat here and there, because my boyfriend said I still look sexy (Thanks BOBIS, love you long time). HOWEVER, I find it hard to breathe during my yoga practices, my stamina is super weak, my belly and ass would pop out of my high waist skirts. My thighs would give each other high fives when I walk, there is no way I could walk fashionably with those thighs. I feel so uncomfortable, and I loathe the feeling.

Another thing, I am always hungry I think about food while I am eating food. I intentionally go to the movies just to buy pop corns extra butter but I do not buy the tickets for the movies.

Hope Came And Changed My Life

When I heard about mayo diet in May 2013 from my best friend (thank you Bang Pit), we thought, LET’S DO THIS! WE CAN DO THIS! THIS IS EASY!

We got nothing to lose, the rule of thumb is simple. NO SALT, NO RICE, NO ICED WATER AND CONSUME ONLY THE CLASSIC DIET MENU FOOD IN THE PROGRAM FOR 13 DAYS. (Available upon request to info@blekrosdiet.com for your reference if you want to try out and home cook).

We tried the classic menu for two days and almost gave up! It was too hard core even for us. I thought, I want to lose weight but I do not want to lose my standards.

So, being a food enthusiastic, I tried to modify the classic mayo diet menu, by adding some herbs, spices and MOST IMPORTANTLY love into our meal, which is VERY helpful for me and my bestie in going through the 13 days program, WITHOUT FAIL. We lost 4-5 kgs in our first attempt of the diet, and it was proven that Mayo Diet method really works!

Always Work On Being Healthy

After the program we eat like there is no tomorrow, revenge is the best! But do not get over excited. After the revenge is over, we realize that salt is kinda evil (but we do love our evil don’t we) and, therefore, the trick is we should watch our salt consumption.

By eating low salt and no carbs (hahaha that’s a lie I LOVE RICE, lesser portion of good carbs (red rice, brown rice, black rice or potatoes)) home cooked fresh and delicious meals, which menu is designed by my mama, we have successfully lost 1 - 2 more kgs.

Now I feel cleaner, healthier, lighter, my skirts fits perfectly, I am happier, my skin glows. I feel like a million bucks when I fit into smaller sizes clothes.

I am now an XS!

I join the gym and exercise regularly and never missed a day without sweating it out.

Sharing The Love With All of You

Based on our own experience above, we would like to share with you our eating habit and recommend the following:

I started my diet catering business small, I cater for 8 of my office mates and now I want to share my dishes with you.